Where possible, always use the standard positive CMYK/PMS/RGB logo. When the logo is placed on a background (Teamleader mint or teal), always use the reversed version of our logo.


Soft version

In the app, a softer version is available - useful for subtle branding without overpowering the other UI elements on screen.


Standalone version of the Teamleader logo. This icon should be used in social media avatars where the standard logo does not work because of size or format restrictions.


We have defined clear space around the logo – indicated by a 15% margin based on de size of the mark to retain its integrity. Nothing must enter this clear space.

In the app

For usage in the app, three sizes are provided. Don’t resize these icons since they where pixel-hinted for optimal clarity.

In navigation elements, the mark should not draw too much attention in favour of the navigation items. Enter the soft version:

Provided by Teamleader

For branding on partnersites we have a label in three colors. The height is fixed but the width can be adapted to fit the context.